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We take responsibility for efficiently managing your body corporate.  Our team of dedicated professionals, backed by the latest technology, consistently delivers results to our clients.  It is our role to deal personally with major developers and assist bodies corporate, body corporate committees and lot owners meet the legislative requirements of the BCCMA and to maintain buildings and grounds with maximum efficiency. 

North Coast Body Corporate Management Services embraces ethical behaviour with vigour and passion. We believe this approach, supported by a high level of personal care, is the key reason for our ongoing success and excellent reputation. At North Coast Body Corporate Management Services, we believe that... 'Trust, professionalism, reliability and honesty backed by superior knowledge and personal service' is what makes us special. We care about your business and ours. That's why we are the best for your body corporate management needs.         

Types of Properties We Manage

Residential Units

We look after many blocks of residential units throughout Queensland. Working with committees, we assist in matters regarding common property areas, maintenance, levies, insurance and general administration.

Large High Rise & Resort Developments

Prominent, large high-rise developments in Caloundra, Maroochydore and Mooloolaba represent a significant part of our business. We specialise in looking after the interests of owners of these complexes.

Over 50s Complex Specialists

As specialists in 'Over 50s' complexes, we manage a large number of bodies corporate from Brisbane to Central Queensland.

Commercial Complexes

We look after varied industrial and commercial complexes, which include retail and hospitality outlets. NCBCMS is equipped to cater for every aspect of this market segment.

Developers and Body Corporate Requirements

We have had many years of industry experience and can advise developers on how to establish and manage the body corporate establishment. Let us help you set up and establish practices that will maximise efficiency and ensure a smooth transition from concept to finalisation.

Capability Statement

North Coast Body Corporate Management Services specialises in every aspect of body corporate Management.

We achieve steady growth through education, staff training and continuous updating of our skills, knowledge and systems.

Professional communication skills and our personal approach allow us to impart knowledge and advice to suit every requirement.

Our mission is to assist bodies corporate meet their responsibilities in a cost efficient and timely manner.

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